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Private helicopter tour

Paragliding 1

Private Helicopter Tour Masada + Dead Sea Helicopter for the day— Bell 429 for 7pax+Pilot is available, 2 Jet engine, very luxury chopper, price $12625, cost for each hour of waiting time will be $175, if we hire 2nd Pilot to the chopper, there will be additional charge of $175 for each hour. Jerusalem Helicopter […]


Paragliding 4

Paragliding Tour Our flight over 2,000 feet for 40 min. include pic. + Vid.Certified pilot include insuranceOur record for 25 years 0 accidents.For kids and adult , eazy takeoff and landingWe take-off from : Jaffa- Tel Aviv , Rison Lzion , Ashdod , Nizanim Welcome to the Israel Paragliding Club! At Israel Paragliding, we’re all […]

Air Balloons

air balloons 2

Hot air balloon tour There are 2 types of the tour: private and regular tour.   Private:  you are staying just with your company/relatives on the ball. In the middle of the week:  2 people – 1380$   10 people – 2760 $ In the end of the week: 2 people – 1600$ 10 people – 3000$ […]