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Hot air balloon tour

There are 2 types of the tour: private and regular tour.  

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Private:  you are staying just with your company/relatives on the ball.

In the middle of the week:

  •  2 people – 1380$ 
  •  10 people – 2760 $

In the end of the week:

  1. 2 people – 1600$
  2. 10 people – 3000$

Give your loved ones the sky!

Want to get an unforgettable experience with your best friend, loved one, mother, brother or sister? Fulfill their old dream or organize an unusual surprise – a balloon trip!

Forget about the everyday bustle and enjoy the incredible view from a bird’s eye view


General: you can join a group that already exists. 

It would cost – 276$/person

Give yourself or a loved one an unusual experience – a group balloon flight in the company of 8-20 other guests of our club, just like you, fascinated by the sky.

You do not need to wait until someone from your friends or relatives decides to join you. Just sign up for a flight in a group in a balloon – and go on an amazing journey!

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Flight package:  

  • View the balloon during inflation.
  • Transportation in a luxuryair conditionedvehicle. 
  • The opening ceremony of a traditional bottle of champagne after landing.
  • Full and rich treats table at the landing field (for adults and children).
  • Flight Certificates for our passengers.
  • A developed and framed panoramic photo of you from your flight!


There are 2 directions: North ( Mount Gilboa)   And  South ( Sde Boker “Desert view”)  


The car for a F-Day work 980$. 

*   The tour is approximately three hours long.
** The tour can be schedule for any time from Sunday to Thursday, 05:00 am to 06:00 am.
Tourists must bring their passports, and their tour guides must bring their ID/driver’s license.