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Terms & Conditions

Opening and Settings:

1. The website is operated as an electronic store for the purchase of products and services for the Internet users in Israel by, HF. 51567188.
2. The use of a male language in the By-Law is for convenience only and wherever in this By-law where it is written in the Male language, the intention is also to the female for all that implies.
3. You are requested to read these policies in full and carefully, as a prerequisite for contacting you and the store.
4. This policy constitutes a binding contract between you and the store, for all intents and purposes.
5. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions will apply to any use and purchase made by you in this store and on this site.
6. A prerequisite for the validity of any purchase on the Website is the approval of the credit card company for each transaction made on the Website and the approval of the transaction.
7. Browsing the store site and / or purchasing a product (s) and / or the service (s) offered for sale or clicking on any link on this site constitutes your agreement to receive and follow the terms of this policy.
8. If you do not agree to some and / or all of the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, you are asked not to make any use of the Store or Website and continue to browse the Website.
9. The sale on this site is not intended to be wholesale or intended to be re-sold by the buyer – ie the purchase of products from the site for sale to customers or other parties.

Define purchasers on site:
Any user or customer regarding it applies to all terms and conditions listed here without exception – may register to request to make purchases through it:
1. The user / client is eligible to perform binding legal actions. If the user is a minor (under 18) or is not entitled to take legal action without the permission of a guardian, this will be considered as a user of the site as if he had obtained his guardian’s approval.
2. The user owns an up-to-date and active e-mail cell on the Internet.
3. The user / customer has an address in Israel recognized by the Israel Postal Service.
4. The user / customer has a valid Israeli identity card or is a legally registered and registered corporation in Israel.
5. The user / customer has a valid Israeli credit card or an international credit card issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies and belongs to the user / customer.

The store or site and / or anyone on its behalf will not be liable and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user / customer or third party as a result of using or purchasing through the site, which is not in accordance with these Terms, the cause of the claim, including loss Revenue and / or Profit Prevention for any reason, as in this case the store reserves the right to cancel the specific purchase in a written notice to the user / customer operation.
1. The store will not be responsible for the assembly and / or installation of products purchased on the site (such as software, etc.) and this responsibility will be the responsibility of the user and his account unless otherwise stated on the product page on the site or the order form of the store.
2. The user / customer will be solely responsible for the maintenance of the product purchased on the site as well as the service (as opposed to the warranty) required for it, unless otherwise stated on the product page on the site.
3. The store’s and site’s computer records of the actions carried out through the Website will constitute apparent evidence of the correctness of the actions.
4. Without derogating from the articles of association, the user hereby agrees that the statute of limitations for any claim and / or claim against will be limited to a period of 6 months and the parties regard it as an agreement for the statute of limitations within the meaning of the statute of limitations, 1958.

Choice of law and jurisdiction:
Only the laws of the State of Israel will be governed by the By-Laws.
Products offered for purchase on the site:
1. For each product or service offered for sale on this site, a “sales page” is displayed. The sales page includes all product details: the name of the product or service offered for sale, the price of the product or service offered, the price for shipping the product to the customer’s site, and the price including the shipping fee (if there is a charge for shipping fee).
2. The images displayed on the Website are for illustration and general illustration only.
3. The product and / or service data is obtained from the manufacturer’s sites or from the importer or service provider (s) data.
The data appearing on the site is subject to the manufacturer’s settings including size / volume, measurement, test methods, test conditions, technical data and any other data provided by the manufacturer / importer.
4. Warranty is limited warranty. The terms of warranty are subject to the terms of the warranty card and the terms of the importer.

The store’s sale:
1. The store displays a product list and for each product or service also all the details about the product or service offered for sale and the price of the product or service as predetermined.
The sale through the site is until the inventory is finished at the importer’s warehouse or until the product marketing has stopped on the web shop at the discretion of the website operators.
2. Completion of the sales process is conditional upon approval and verification of the transaction by telephone and / or by e-mail of the participant within 24 hours of the order being made and also that the requested product exists in the importer’s inventory when the sales process is completed.
3. Execution of transactions over NIS 400 is contingent upon the shipping destination address and the cardholder’s phone number being identical to the information obtained from the credit card company and the company’s approval.

Website Purchase:

1. Typing all the details requested by the participant is a prerequisite for making the sale by the site, after filling all the details by the participant it becomes an “operation”.
To ensure order fulfillment quickly, efficiently and easily, all details must be accurately delivered.
2. The charge of the operation of the action for the cost of the product or service ordered by it will be carried out by the credit card, after the transaction has been approved by the credit companies.
3. The promoter who seeks to collect the products he has purchased in self-collection will be charged in advance for the full amount of the order at no shipping cost (full product cannot be armored).
4. The details as entered by the promoter on the site registration page as well as the transaction listing on the shop website computers will constitute a conclusive evidence of the correctness of the actions.
5. Filing false information is a criminal offense and doing so is expected to take criminal and civil proceedings against him.
6. In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit companies, an appropriate message will be sent to the e-mailbox of the operation within 96 hours, requesting that the operation be requested to contact the customer service center by telephone.
The store’s website for arranging the transaction approval with the credit companies.
If such approval is received from the credit card company, the counting of days as to the delivery dates will begin from the date of the transaction by the credit card companies.
If the operation does not take place within 7 days of receipt of the notification of the approval of the transaction by the credit companies, the entire transaction will be considered canceled for the various sites, stores and suppliers.
7. For further details and inquiries, you can contact the store directly by phone and / or by e-mail:
Phone: 1-700-722-111
Email: [email protected]

Cancelling a transaction:
1. In general, the customer may cancel the transaction subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981.
2. Return policy for products that do not have a defect in the remotely sold product: This policy applies to transactions made on the website (remotely sold) and transactions made only by telephone.
Return product from shelf:

A shelf product (one that has not been adjusted and / or modified as per customer requirements) can be returned on the website and / or ordered by phone up to 14 days from the date of purchase and receive a full credit or refund if the product was returned in its original packaging and there was no tangible deterioration in the product and / or packaging and No product is used.

Return product assembled according to consumer requirements:
A. A product made up of the requests and requirements of the user / customer cannot be refunded or canceled, except in the case of an original defect in the product or there is a discrepancy between the product received and the product on which it is written in an order from the site paid by the user / customer.
B. The right to cancel the transaction or exchange a product shall apply or be limited to the sole discretion of the company in the cases specified in section a of this paragraph.
C. Notwithstanding clause A below, may exercise discretion and cancel the transaction by charging a cancellation fee by the user for a total of 10% of the transaction cost, if a laboratory test finds that the product is correct and not used. And that it is packed in its original packaging and that this packing is normal.
3. In cases where the user / customer decides to return the product while complying with on the subject, www.royalty-vip.coml will win the user the way he paid:
In the event that the user / customer paid cash for the product (s) purchased, the refund by will be made by cash check to be sent to the user / customer address by registered mail within 14 days of cancellation. If the user / customer has paid a credit card, this will be credited to the credit company.
4. You cannot return the product and receive a refund or compensation if it is 14 days from the date of purchase.
5. Notwithstanding clause 4 above, the store may also exercise discretion in the event that it has been 14 days from the date of such purchase and to allow the product to be returned by the user for the receipt of a voucher for purchase on the store site at a value of up to 50% of the original payment paid by the user for the product, provided that it has not been 30 days. From the date of sale and even if the product is not used, it is in the laboratory test and is packed in its original packaging.
6. If the user / customer voluntarily decides during the 14 days from the sale that they wish to cancel the transaction, the company may charge a cancellation fee of 5% of the value of the transaction or NIS 100 at the lowest of their sons.
7. In the case specified in section 6 of this paragraph, if the product has already been delivered to the user, the user must return the product to the store.
It is agreed that the user will return the product intact and without any damage and / or damage and / or defect of any kind whatsoever and include a source invoice from the store or site which was given to him in the status of the product supply.
8. If the user / customer suspects that the product he received is defective, it is his responsibility to reach the Company’s laboratory for the product inspection during the first 14 days of receipt of the product.
If the product is found to be defective in the company’s laboratory testing, the user / customer may receive a new product or alternatively return their money without refunding the shipment to him if such a charge was made.
9. It is agreed between the parties that in the event of cancellation of a transaction, the user / customer will be charged a full fee for shipping charges even if he has not received the product, in the event that the product bearing the transaction has long been sent to the user.
10. The Store may cancel a whole or part sale or sale in the following cases:
A. There was a misunderstanding, whether in the price of the product or in the description of the product (TL).
B. If it is found that the user / customer provided incorrect information in the registration form or during the order he placed.
third. If it is discovered that there was a communication malfunction and / or a technical problem that prevented the site’s users from using the site properly.
D. In the event of force majeure, war action, hostility, terrorism and / or anything else that will prevent continued sale or proper dispatch.
God. Whenever the store decides that the purchase made by the user is wholesale. Deciding whether a wholesale sale is subject to the store’s sole discretion.
and. If at the discretion of the store, the products purchased are intended for resale by the buyer or anyone on his behalf.
g. Out of stock from importer warehouse stock after or before sale.
H. The store decided to stop marketing the product definitively and completely during the three days prior to the purchase by the user.
11. In the event that the Company decides to cancel such a transaction, the user / customer will be notified of this by telephone and / or e-mail to the address specified by him on the registration page up to 7 working days from the cancellation date.

Supply of products purchased at the store website:

1. The term transport and delivery in these articles means: Performing all the necessary operations from the time the product is received at the supplier warehouse until it is actually delivered to the customer – these operations include reception, sorting, packaging, marking, shipping, delivery and insurance.
2. The store will ensure the delivery of the product or service purchased on the website, to the user address as typed by the user / customer on the registration page of the site, while adhering to the delivery dates specified on the product’s sales page, unless otherwise stated.
3. The store will act to provide the product and / or service in accordance with the terms of delivery specified on the sale page, subject to full payment to them through the user’s credit card.
4. The store will not be liable for late delivery of the product in the following cases:
A. Force majeure and without prejudice to the generality of the above, war, hostilities, emergency and natural damage.
B. Strike at suppliers of services or goods needed to manufacture and / or transport the products or services.
C. Any cause beyond the control of the company.
. In areas that are restricted to access in terms of the messenger company, the store and / or the supplier will be allowed to deliver the products to customers in a nearby location, in advance with the user / customer.
6. Shipments to distant destinations such as: Arava, Eilat, Kiryat Shmona, Golan Heights and the like will be charged at a different rate which will be delivered to the user / customer after purchase according to the package type.
7. The delivery times of the products and / or services as indicated on the sales page include only business days ie, Sunday excluding Saturday, holidays and holidays.
. The product can be self-collected by the user, the customer will only come to the company store after a pre-appointment or after receiving a text message on the mobile phone announcing the product’s arrival at the store.
9. The products purchased by the user / customer will be delivered to the customer’s house by a courier company or to the nearest post office to the customer’s house by registered mail as specified in the order.
10. In some cases, a product that appears on the site may be out of stock from the web store or importer. In this case, contact will be made with the customer. Customer will not be charged and order will be canceled.
Shipping fee:
1. The shipping fee will be paid by the user / customer in the payment status for the products purchased at the website store if there is a charge for the shipping cost for these products.
2. The customer will be allowed to collect the product directly from the company store, after verifying that the product is in stock or received a text message on the mobile phone to arrive and take the order.
3. It is agreed that in the case of the collection of the product (s) by the customer / user, no shipping fees will be charged from the customer / user, only if the product / product page (s) for which the user / customer has specifically stated a separate price for the shipping cost which was charged if the user / customer He wouldn’t come pick them up.
. In no case can it be predetermined that collection by the customer requires a reduction in price.
5. In cases where the customer / user changes his mind and instead of picking up the product from the company store, he decides that the product (s) will be sent to him despite his self-collection notification during ordering from the site, the customer / user will charge the shipping cost in advance by contacting the customer on the phone. If a shipping cost is recorded on the product pages requested by the user / customer.
In this case, the shipping cost you will charge will be the shipping cost for the product (s) listed on the product (s) website.
Also in this case, the shipping days will be counted from the time of the supplemental payment for the shipment or if there is no such payment, from the moment the user / customer notification of his / her wish to receive the product (s).
Intellectual Property :
1. The Site and the information contained therein including the website design, drawings, illustrations, pictures, photographs, videos, text, graphics and the like are protected by copyright law in the State of Israel and by international treaties and copyright laws of other countries.
You may not copy, post, distribute, display, reproduce, create derivative works, make changes or sell any part of the content contained on the Website without the prior, written and explicit consent of
2. You may not copy and / or reproduce and / or distribute and / or publish and / or use the Content displayed on the Site and / or do any action, directly or indirectly, which infringes or infringes the intellectual property of, Unless expressly permitted this in writing.
Customer Service :

For details and inquiries regarding the operation and operation of the website, please visit
Phone: 1-700-722-111
Fax: 08-9351345
Email: [email protected]

Store Information & Privacy:
1. The store’s website takes common precautions to preserve, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of the users of the site.
The website is secure according to the PCI standard. Credit card details are not recorded on the site.
Data transfer from the site is encrypted using SSL technology.
2. Any credit card transfer from the site is encrypted according to PCI DSS standard.
In cases not under its control and / or resulting from a supreme power, the store will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, to the customer or anyone on his behalf if this information is lost or compromised and / or used unauthorized.
3. The store undertakes not to use the details of the customers listed on the site but for the sole purpose of operating the site and to enable the purchase to be made.
4. The credit card clearing process is carried out by Placard Ltd., which complies with the PCI standard.
User Privacy:

In the information provided to us to place an order for a product, service or information, we use it solely for the purpose of performing the same mission and the tasks derived from it. This information is not transmitted to any other party.
Information provided about another person for gift delivery is used for this purpose only.
For information that cannot be attributed to a particular person or body, we use to improve our site and update our commercial behavior and services, for example: Statistics – number of visitors to the site, number of visitors to different periods of time, etc., but we do not use any List information that personally identifies the site visitor for this purpose.
There is a customer club on the site – we store the customer information only after the user has given permission.
A customer / user who has provided his or her email address on the site and confirmed that he agrees to receive information from the site via email, his email address is stored in the database of the site and is used to provide information about promotions and benefits on behalf of the site and store only.