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Exclusive Culinary Diamond Tour

Visit the largest diamond complex in the world, located in the prestigious area of Ramat Gan, which showcases a unique combination of advanced high technology, street food,

The Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan invites you to an exclusive culinary tour, now available for the first time to the public. The tour begins with a view of the beautiful Gush Dan area with a short presentation of its unique history. The tour will continue to the high-tech complex of the diamond exchange where we will hear how the Israeli diamond industry was established, visit a diamond cutting and polishing facility, and enter the world’s largest diamond exchange. In the diamond facility, we will understand how the diamonds are cut and polished for the highest standards of Israel by an Israeli master diamond

Colorfull vegteble shop
You can also meet a world- renowned diamond and Jewelry designer Mr. Hanan Savransky, a third generation of diamond cutter family, who will share with us his personal experience, and invite you to visit inside the “Diamond Country”. At Mr. Savransky’s boutique, you will have the opportunity to buy first-hand diamonds and jewelry directly from the manufacturer Savransky himself.

The tour will conclude in the most unique food project in Israel: Containers City- a colorful culinary oasis designed around containers, which offers a wide variety of street food to satisfy any taste, made in small boutique chef restaurants. The complex will offer you a taste of authentic Israeli food, such as hummus, falafel, Israeli grown fruit, and other foods from the Israeli cuisine, which is based on the fresh ingredients of the Middle East.

people dine on the street

*   The tour is approximately three hours long.
** The tour can be schedule for any time from Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 14:30 pm.
Tourists must bring their passports, and their tour guides must bring their ID/driver’s license.