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Wine & Diamonds Exclusive Private Tour

Our private VIP car will pick you up to visit ‘Benhaim winery boutique’, which is dedicated to the family’s tradition of making high-quality handcrafted wines going back six generations to 1932.
The Benhaim Winery was named the best boutique winery in Israel at the TERRAVINO 2012 international wine competition, under the supervision of the OIV international wine association

The Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan invites you to an exclusive culinary tour, now available for the first time to the public. The tour begins with a view of the beautiful Gush Dan area with a short presentation of its unique history. The tour will continue to the high-tech complex of the diamond exchange where we will hear how the Israeli diamond industry was established, visit a diamond cutting and polishing facility, and enter the world’s largest diamond exchange. In the diamond facility, we will understand how the diamonds are cut and polished for the highest standards of Israel by an Israeli master diamond

The Chief Winemaker Mr. Itay Benhaim will tell you how they put over 135 years of tradition in each bottle. He will show you some of the most interesting things about wine, and of course let you taste the best wine in Israel!
Our unique tour will get you inside the Diamond Exchange to an exclusive visit inside the world’s largest diamond trading complex. This tour is not a visit to a gift shop or a museum, but an exclusive visit inside the high security and secretive Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange ‘bursa’, where around 3,000 diamond Professionals and 1,000 related businesses trade with the world through the biggest trading hall in the world. The greatest Israeli minds develop one of kind computers that helps diamond cutters and dealers to make their decisions, you will have the opportunity to see these computers in action!

You will meet a world-renowned diamond and Jewelry designer Mr. Hanan Savransky, a third generation diamond cutter. He will share his personal experience, and invite you to visit inside the “Diamond Country”.
At Mr. Savransky’s boutique, you will have the opportunity to directly purchase first-hand diamonds and jewelry from the manufacturer himself.

Ramat Gan Sky Line
After we drank enough wine, we will continue to see the skyline of one of the most advanced cities in Israel – Ramat Gan. Ramat Gan is well known as the capital city of diamonds, and the center of diamonds trading of the world.